Class: Argael Scout

Argael Scout From Verisimilitude [edit] Overview

The Argael as a rule try and avoid set piece battles. They see such battles as meat grinders that chew up good troops for little value.

While the Argrael do have some heavy foot and even a small number of Cavalry, the majority of mercenaries fall under the class of Scout.

The Argael Scout is a light fast moving soldier, trained to be as versatile as possible. There training includes not only combat techniques but also various Lore’s and knowledge’s, as well as trap detection and disarming. Those with the aptitude and talent may also receive Warmage training.

Despite their light armour (usually leather or sometimes chain shirts) these soldiers should not be dismissed lightly. There combat training is focused on working in small teams, striking quickly and quietly and then disappearing before the enemy can muster reinforcements. This is aided by the Argael battle sign language that allows them to communicate silently to one and other. Scouts will use surprise and group tactics to create holes in the defense of an opponent so that they can deliver powerful attacks to vulnerable points.

Class: Argael Scout

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