Class: Argael Warmage

Argael Warmage From Verisimilitude

The Argael have a great respect for spell casters and there abilities. There relationship with Mar-Etha has ensured at least a basic understanding of magic by most of those who live in the city.

In the past, those rare few who have shown that they have the aptitude for the magical arts have been offered a chance to train with and learn at the great towers of Mar-Etha. These students have always returned to serve with the Company’s that have been sent forth but it was, and is, very rare for these mages to return permanently to life in Argael. They tend to immigrate to Mar-Etha so that they can further the studies and grow their art. Some will serve in the training grounds, teaching both the troops and their commanders how to work with mages.

There has however been a change in the last 80 years. Barus Steelbloom, a Agrael who was excepted to the Towers and became a great mage in his own right, observed that much of the study and skills that were and are taught at the tower were not of great use to Mage who would spend much of his time in the field or under battle conditions. Barus then set about devising a curriculum that would focus solely on the spells that would be useful in battle. With the help of some of the other mages he succeeded*. And so was born the Argael Warmage

[edit] Warmage Training

When a student is found who has the aptitude to use magic, he is given three choices. The first is to go and train at the Towers. The second choice is to just push on with there normal studies (a choice that’s seldom taken). The third choice is to become a Warmage. Warmage training is conducted within the training campuses of Argael itself.

Some outsiders have made the mistake of thinking that the Warmage is a type of Sorcerer, due to the way that they seem to be able to cast spells at will, without the need to have memorized there spell section for the day. This is NOT true. The training of the Warmage is done in such a way that he or she knows every spell that they will ever cast before they leave the campus. However there is a price to be paid for this, The range of spells is very limited and they lack the utility of a True Mage.

The spells are drummed into the students over and over and they are made to attempt to cast spells well beyond there means. With a combination of teaching techniques and the repetition that is involved, these spells come to reside in the sub-conscience, ready to come forward when the Warmage is ready and able to make us of them.

Barus also found that because of the narrow focus that the Warmage had, that they were able cast despite wearing armour. A Fireball being cast by a figure in Full Plate can give pause to a charging enemy

Warmages are most often deployed (and cross-trained) with Argael Scouts but can be found among all branches of the Agael forces

  • Barus considered the Warmage not to be the great succuse that everyone else thought it was. His aim was to have the mage trained for battle, go and campaign and then when he or she retired from the campaigning life, take up full time studies to fill the holes in their knowledge. But due to the nature of how they were trained in the first, a Warmage wishing to do this would have to be totally retrained as a full Mage

Class: Argael Warmage

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