Race: Melichor High-Blood


Melichor High-Blood come in all shapes and sizes, and regardless of alignment there is an aura of darkness and a grim foretelling of death and destruction about them. Melichor High-Blood tend to be determined and often humourless opponents, planning everything they do on multiple levels, attempting to make contingency for everything possible. Melichor High-Blood can only be human (Melichor) as a base. Attempts to create a Melichor High-Blood of another race usually ends in the death of the mother. [edit] Personality

Melichor High-Blood tend to be dark of mood; at worst, they are evil minded and plotting – at best they are cool and calculating. Relying on the unnatural vigor they inherit from their parentage, Melichor High-Blood are often driven by a desire for domination and control. They rarely wander aimlessly unless they have little choice, preferring to have a firm destination in mind prior to setting out. Half-fiends are most at home in cities and rigid, ordered societies. [edit] Physical Description

Melichor High-Blood vary in their appearance, depending on whom the non-fiend parent was. The Melichor High-Blood will eventually grow to have a toughened hide, reddish eyes, clawed hands, fangs and at least half the time large, leathery bat wings. Occasionally these signs are emphasised or lessened, depending on the parent fiend, and it has been known for Melichor High-Blood to be surrounded by a foul smelling smoke, or for their tongues to be forked and dripping with poison. [edit] Alignment

Whilst by no means are all Melichor High-Blood are evil – and they are a rarity in that some will actually see themselves as an embodiment of evil – they do have a tendency to the evil spectrum of matters. Furthermore, they are almost always without exception lawful in alignment. The blood of the fiends that sired them runs strong in a Melichor High-Blood, and the mindset of lawful evil is something which can be the hardest to break free of. [edit] Game Information [edit] Abilities Level Ability Adjustment Powers 1 +2 STR, +2 CHA

  • Darkvision (60’)
  • Elemental Resists – Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity: 5
  • +1 Natural Armour

2 +2 DEX, +2 INT

  • Claws (1d4) x 2
  • Smite Chaos 1/day
  • Immune to Poison

3 +2 CON, +2 DEX

  • Bite (1d6)
  • Natural weapons (bite and claws) now count as magical weapons for the purpose of damage reduction
  • Elemental Resists – Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity: +5 (10 in total)

4 +2 STR, +2 INT

  • Spell Resistance = HD + 10 (Melichor High-Blood levels + Character levels + 10)
  • Damage Reduction: 5/magic (if total HD 11 or less, 10/magic if total HD 12 or more)
  • Leathery bat wings, capable of flight. The Melichor High-Blood can fly at the base creature’s base land speed (average maneuverability).

[edit] Skills

Melichor High-Blood receive (8+int mod) x Levels of Melichor High-Blood (at time of creating a full +4 level adjustment Melichor High-Blood… purchasing level by level gives 8+int mod of skill points per level of Melichor High-Blood) [edit] Abilities

Based on the characters total level, the Melichor High-Blood gains the following special abilities: Character Level Special Ability 1-2 Darkness 3/day 3-4 Desecrate 5-6 Unholy blight 7-8 Poison 3/day 9-10 Contagion 11-12 Blasphemy 13-14 Unholy aura 3/day, unhallow 15-16 Horrid wilting 17-18 Summon monster IX (fiends only) 19-20 Destruction [edit] Misc

  • Melichor High-Bloodare considered Native Outsiders.
  • Melichor High-Blood do not receive a HD adjustment; as a template, their hit points are as per their race/class levels

Race: Melichor High-Blood

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