Race: Minotaurs

Minotaurs From Verisimilitude

This is a work in progress. There are two main races of Minotaurs. Stats, level adjustments etc will be provided as soon as possible. [edit] San’ne’rin

San’ne’rin – One Lord People

Tall, black skinned, bovine headed types from a desert in the west, with a single large city and a large group of more nomadic offshoots. Think Mecca, think One True God Whom All Are But A Reflection Of.

[edit] Nor’ka’rin

Nor’ka’rin – Ice Break People

The other group are shaggy, shorter, and more powerfully built, with a more yak like head, and live in villages carved into the ice on an island to the north. Think eskimos. Think vikings, but more tribal and less rape and pillage. They battle the people they call the San’fal’rin (One Life People – a kind of cold water dwelling Sahuagin). They generally worship Noror, the God of Seafaring and the Northern Ocean.

Race: Minotaurs

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