Race: Runescale

Runescale From Verisimilitude [edit] Overview

The Runescale are an unsual and rare race – rumoured in many places, known in few – of origins unknown. [edit] Location

The Runescale hail from the small, secluded town of Wyrmvale, hidden in a lush valley in the Blackmaw Mountains north of the city of Ss’athin.

[edit] The people

Runecale are a charming and enigmatic people. They share many attributes with Humanity – they enjoy life and all the pleasures it offers, and are capable of being any alignment, though they tend towards being lawful and neutral good.

The Runescale people are not prone to wanderlust or travel, capable of getting almost everything they need at home. Those who do travel are usually those with a very specific reason for leaving home.

Race: Runescale

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